History of
a passion

Many things have changed since 1953, but the passion that every day drives us to offer better and better products to our customers never changed.
During these years full of innovations, we decided to start this way,
by telling you who we are.

An unbreakable

We owe a lot to our land. Aliano and the entire Basilicata are inextricably linked to our natural and genuine products,
the same products that you can now buy on our site.

All the taste
of yesterday

The Villone bakery, with registered office in via Roma n. 1 in Aliano (Mt), the town described in "Christ stopped at Eboli" by Carlo Levi, boasts a long tradition and experience in the art of bread making since 1953, when the brothers Luigi and Nicola decided to open the first bakery, undermining the longstanding habit that farmers had of kneading bread mainly at home.

The renewed

Looking ahead to the future keeping on research for ever better solutions for our customers. This is the story that is handed down and the love that is renewed, in our workshops, in our stores and in each of our products.

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