amongst Calanchi from 1953.

Our story starts from here, in one of the most evocative places in Basilicata, known for having been the place of confinement for Carlo Levi. Aliano is perched on the Calanchi, it is known for its high-quality oil and the famous Festival of Paesologia “La Luna e i Calanchi”.

the myth of Orsoleo

A few kilometers from Aliano there is another of our stores that is also our main production workshop. In fact, it is in Sant’Arcangelo that we process and transform most of the raw materials and from where we start the distribution.
Among the hills of this town stands the Monumental Complex of Orsoleo. Here reality and fantasy meet; princes, dragons and monks are the backdrop of a breathtaking landscape.

in the heart of Val D’Agri.

Marsicovetere rises within the national park of the Lucanian Apennines, not far from the capital Potenza. Our Bakery & Coffee is located downstream, in the most commercial part of the city, close to schools and offices that everyday find refreshment in our welcoming areas. 

a precious pearl at 800 mt

Our most recent opening, the one that marked the transformation into Bakery & Coffee. Moliterno is a village boasting a lot of history and culture, which has become famous for its splendid churches, its castle and Canestrato, a sheep and goat cheese known throughout Italy.

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